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The Life of Tulasi Devi
by Amal Bhakta

The Life of Tulasi Devi

Find out why:

  • Tulasi Devi is one of the Lord's greatest devotees.
  • She is worshipped in all Vaisnava temples.
  • She descended from the spiritual world.
  • She becamse the sacred Tulasi plant and the Gandaki River.
  • Lord Visnu's worhsip must contain an offering of Tulasi leaves.
  • Lord Krishna always wears a Tulasi garland around His neck
  • Tulasi cursed Lord Visnu to become Salagrama-sila.
  • A conchshell is sacred and used in worship ceremonies.
  • One should worship the Tulasi plant and Salagrama-sila.

Also, find out how to care for and worship Tulasi Devi properly to make excellent spiritual advancement.

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