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A Biographical Novel about the Early Years of Lord Krishna
by Amal Bhakta

Krishna is known worldwide mainly for the timeless wisdom he spoke in India about 5,000 years ago in the famous spiritual classic Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God). This book has become so popular that there are now over one thousand English translations of it from the original Sanskrit, and over 800 million people around the world worship Krishna daily. And with the growing interest in yoga and meditation today, it's no wonder. Yet most readers of the Gita know very little about Krishna's astonishing personal life.

To fill this gap, a richly detailed, reader-friendly book is now available: The Supreme Mystic: A Biographical Novel about the Early Years of Lord Krishna by Amal Bhakta. (ISBN # 0974466816, 348 pages, Paperback, $14.95, A Krishna Productions book) Entertaining, suspenseful, and fascinating, it reveals the miracles Krishna performed as a child and youth and the great battles he fought against King Kamsa’s demonic sorcerers. It also shows Krishna’s playful, fun-loving romantic side that made him irresistible to his village neighbors.

Amal Bhakta says, “In this world of fear, stress and confusion that we live in, people need to discover just how easily accessible Krishna is and how greatly he wants to help us overcome our problems—when we properly approach him.”

Acclaimed author, monk and yogi, Amal Bhakta based his book on five of India’s ancient scriptures. Although his account reads like a modern page-turner, it also manages to be highly thought-provoking, spiritually informative, and easily understandable. Unlike other books about Krishna, the author does not bore or confuse the reader with heavy philosophical commentary or theological arguments. Instead, he deepens the reader’s involvement in Krishna’s remarkable activities, providing an exciting, moving, and inspiring experience.

The Supreme Mystic is Amal Bhakta’s fourth book. His previous titles, including Mystical Stories from the Mahabharata, and Mystical Stories from the Bhagavatam, were well received. In fact, Publisher’s Weekly called Mystical Stories from the Mahabharata “An entertaining introduction to Hindu literature” and Library Journal “highly recommended” it.

Many persons, after they read The Supreme Mystic, found their lives miraculously improved. The same may happen to you.


"The author's studious well-researched scriptural accounts of Lord Krishna's life are tightly packaged in this suspenseful enlightening novel.... Amal Bhakta has upped the ante on how religious history can be related. He has provided a spiritual booster shot with The Supreme Mystic."
— Midwest Book Review

"With tears in my eyes I thank you for writing The Supreme Mystic. I feel that Krishna has enlightened me with his fantastic pastimes through your precious book. As the Lord says, one who understands His mysterious birth and pastimes does not take birth again. I feel I will be awarded this blessing as a result of reading your work."
— Steven J. Rosen, Author, The Hidden Glory of India (and many other books)

"The conversations sound contemporary, but this novel about Lord Krishna's fascinating childhood and youth is based on the ancient scripture Srimad Bhagavatam. Amal Bhakta's easy narrative style makes each of the episodes accessible to the modern reader. By retelling this ancient Hindu story in present-day American language, Bhakta underscores the universality of divine love. "
— India Currents

"Mystic, yogi, and monk, Bhakta conveys Krishna's remarkable nature through a tale of heartbreak, sacrifice, boyhood escapades, ancient adventure, fierce demons and powerful goddesses, noble kings, queens, and gods, and brave parents, including foster parents. All this pageantry and drama surrounds an ages-old confrontation of good versus evil, a rapacious demon reincarnated as a power-hungry king versus the divine Krishna, who has supreme mystic supernatural charm. This reader looks forward to Bhakta's sequel, The Supreme Warrior."
— Myshelf.Com

"The Supreme Mystic...provides a deeper understanding of who Lord Krishna really was and what he represents. A captivating book."
— New Age Journal

"This book deepens the reader's involvement in Krishna's remarkable activities, providing an exciting, moving, and inspiring experience. Although his [Bhakta's] account reads like a modern page-turner, it also manages to be highly thought-provoking, spiritually informative, and easily understandable."
— India Newsweek

"The book is very interesting to read. Amal Bhakta writes with sincerity and devotion. He succeeds in making the reader visualise the situation being described. Line sketches at the beginning of each chapter additionally help the reader visualise the ancient times to which this story pertains. A praiseworthy effort."
— Blether Book Review

"Bhakta has based his book on five of India's ancient scriptures. But it reads not like abstruse philosophy but a modern page-turner."
— News India Times

"Adventure, love, courage, excitement all have their perfection in the reality of spiritual life. Long hidden in ancient Sanskrit texts, these narrations of the Absolute Truth are so accessible in Amal Bhakta's creative version that all readers from children to scholars will be enthralled. Whether one is a serious seeker of enlightenment, curious about Vedic or Eastern understanding, or only looking for a totally engaging cant-put-down story, this is an excellent choice."
—Edith Best (Urmila Dasi), School Principal / Author

"It [The Supreme Mystic] has been a pleasure to read. The author's sincerity and depth of realization emanate from each page. It is a unique and brilliant preaching approach."
— Carl E. Woodham (Kalakantha Dasa), Author, Bhagavad Gita (in poetry)

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